Interactive touch mirrors for fitting rooms
with personal recommendations
for fashion retail

  • Grow revenue per customer by up to 20%
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase engagement with rewards programs
  • Make your salespeople more efficient

Our products start generating revenue right away
we offer comprehensive solutions that simply work

Our product

We’ve created a comprehensive solution that brings best e-commerce recommendations practices in any offline fashion retail store

We equip fitting rooms with interactive touch mirrors and sensors that allows:

  • identify the items that customer wants to try on using RFID or barcode scanner
  • provide instant personalized recommendations based on items in the room
  • provide information on discounts and special offers or allow to see what’s in stock
  • allow customer to call for a salesperson right from the fitting room or request an item in different size or color
  • help customers easily join rewards programs

Our system is built right into the mirror and is always the center of attention and is controlled via intuitive multitouch interface — just like your phone or tablet.

How does it work?

Our product is a comprehensive solution that includes mirrors and software for them, as well as our cloud software for business departments and salespeople.

We take care of fast and easy integration and provide full customer support and service our hardware.

And the best part - we provide everything based on a subcription:
you’ll never have to buy our hardware or software, as we lease everything at a very modest price.

What do we offer?

Our product is not just an innovative way of improving customer service —
we are first and foremost a solution aimed at increasing revenue:

  • we increase revenue per customer and customer conversion rates due to personal recommendations, special offers and other opportunities
  • we improve customer service by allowing people to get items they need in a faster and more convenient way
  • we increase conversion to rewards programs by catering to clients that prefer avoiding being pressured into such programs
  • we save time for salespeople by streamlining customer requests, while solving problem for people that prefer self-service
  • our mirrors look awesome and bring returning customers simply by adding to company public image


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